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So if traveling is not an option, another great choice is one of the hundreds of sport-specific camps operating in Georgia.

These camps will not only keep your kid moving, but will hone his abilities in the sport of his choice.

Boot Camp on Monday through Thursday (9am and 7pm) and Saturday (9am) at the Park Office.

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Some camps, like the Columbus GA Adventure Boot Camp for Women, offer great flexibility: Campers can come for three, four or five days per week, one hour per day, for four weeks.

Others, like the Atlanta-based Get in Shape Boot Camp, offer a boot camp atmosphere for different skill levels at various locations and memberships range from one week to one year.

Students and alumni will have access to periodic continuing education workshops that cover complimentary technologies and skills like React Native, Java 101, Amazon Web Services, UI Design, Algorithms, and more.

I learned how to control the cravings I get and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after going back home, and I lost forty pounds in eight weeks.

Our instructors are seasoned engineers and are extremely passionate about training the next generation of builders, and that starts with you.

A career as a software engineer is a lifetime of learning, and we're here to help along the way.

It is a great investment for your health and well being.

Learn full stack Java Script & Python development and build fully functional web applications using the most relevant technologies and best-practice methodologies today.

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I showed up in the Georgia location in June, as I decided to try two different camps, and nobody would believe that it was a great experience for me.