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She couldn't have stated that at the beginning of the meeting, oh no.

Listen to Auntie Auntie Suzy says the new hospital HNO will be "technically ready" in September 2018.

Granted, knowing them, that can be pretty late in the day.

But after then, no more visitors, which includes tourists, are allowed in.

How he wants his precious oil shipped in The End Is Near?

Rumors are, Isla director José van den Wall-Arnemann was fired because PAR wanted him to sign some lucrative agreements to hire "consultants" which he refused (here is where the rumors are not so plausible).

Apart from that, Boneco's argument that imported fish has to be transported over thousands of kilometers really doesn't hold water. It's been like that for Europe since before the Middle Ages. Insel Air in fact seems to have resumed flying Curaçao-Paramaribo on December 18, but will have to pay off the debt in a fortnight. People who say they know estimate it's a million guilders. But, laws are of very little use if nobody follows them—as usual, if not always. They foresee that the reduction of corporate taxes from 35% tot 21% will cause the internationals to retract to the USA. Good Year No, not a rubber commercial—even if we could use one these days of AIDS.

While Fort Amsterdam isn't that grandiose as The Way of All Trash Our friendly supermarket gave me a 4-color ballpoint (one of the most useless inventions I know, with only novelty value; besides, the one they gave me last year is still working); plus a wall calendar.

Which made me realize that Saving a small fact for history: in all film editing rooms I've ever been in, the ashtrays were old film cans. Nobody Ever Mentions This Enforcing speed limits with speed bumps results in accelerating and decelerating over and over again, which decreases fuel mileage and increases effective CO2 emissions. Yesterday I was one of those who got stuck on the harbor-spanning Juliana bridge behind not 1, but 2 touring buses full of tourists—who of course have to be given every opportunity to ooh and aah and take cell-phone shots to put on Fake Booc.

Greatest impact was on Endemic The assistant of former finance minister Jardim, Van 't Hof, is responsible for 130,000 guilders that have disappeared. PAR Minister Leito plans to stop SLM Surinam Airlines from landing here if Insel Air is not allowed to reopen the route to Paramaribo. Reason, a patient died after having been operated upon.

Best part is, it has to do with office trips Van 't Hof made in 20. There is nothing in the aviation agreement that says Insel Air has to pay its debts, she says. But Advent's Panneflek says it's not clear why said patient died and that the hospital feels victimized.

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She also calls it stimulating local cattle breeding, as you might expect from her.