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Painting Machine is operated with an ordinary air drill, and, if desired, a heating coil under tal)le, enclosed in a sheet steel shell, can be supplied, as shown in cut. A D T A N MACHINERY GRINDING SHRAPNEL SHELLS We have recently sold a large number of these machines in Canada, completely equipped for Shrapnel Work. // what you want is not advertised in this issue con»idt the Bnijers Ihrectonj at the back. yi^^ i I 1 A convenient type of Crawford Sectional Oven largely used by manufacturers turning out Shells up to twenty-eight pounds each. The l)ullets fall down a spout into a recept- acle which tilts when it contains the ap- jiroxiicate total number, the latter pour- ing into the shell which has been placed underneath.

Canadian Locomotive Company, Limited, Kingston, Ont. SALES HANDLED EXCLUSIVELY BY The John Bertram & Sons Company, Limited, Dundas, Ontario, our agents for these machines Hydraulic Presses for PIERCING PRESS Shell Manufacturing We are making HYDRAULIC PRESSES for Piercing and Drawing Shells and Projectiles and are in a position to give Prompt Delivery The William Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Company PHILADELPHIA, PA. Their heavy, rigid construction makes them very desirable for shell work or on any production where speed and accuracy are very essential. A MODERN SAVER of Time, Money, Space and Labor Here is a machine that is well worthy of your attention — our "Double C Punch and Shear " with 48-inch throat. 10 CANADIAN MACHINERY Volume XIV i ^ii U'ii Uiii U'iiy.'i'i=jji! The method of heating explained in previous issues is the same with all types of Crawford Ovens — no direct flame coming in contact with the material in the oven. To help the bullets to con- solidate in the sliell an air jarring ap- paratus is used which vibrates the shell while the bullets are being poured in. — The city council contemplate e.xtensions to the S'^s dis- tribution system.

During this they are carefully iloor are arranged in their series, the packing cases being seen at the left. 43 is a standard reference gauge, and is only used in the tool-room for comparing with the shop gauges. While most users are familiar with the suitabiliy of different abrasives for certain classes of work, the principal features regarding the ynanufacture of grind- ing ivheels have always remained more or less unknown.

No particular reference has been made space; simplicity of eonti'ol; smaller amount of heat lost to the surrounding atmosphere: and cleanliness of sur- weighed and gauged, and one selected out of each series for the firing test. GKIXDING as a means of removiug metal lias been brought to a state of such perfection and ap- plied to such a broad field of manufac- ture that grinding machines excite no more comment than engine lathes or other manufacturing fools.

Let us quote you prices and terms: any machine to cut 10 sizes of pipe between 1-4 inch and 18 inch, with any kind of power. The shell is chucked, and the out- ,side of the socket rough turned, the bar with cutter held in the second turret forming the fuse plug seat on the out- side of the socket. 1%" Araie Bolt Cutter (Used K 2%" Acme Bolt Cutter (Used).. — It is estimated that it will cost between four and five million dollars to rebuild the .\rorley avenue sewage plant. — A by-law will he submitted to the rate])ayers to authorize a loan of .

The solution lies in Norton ALUNDUM (Trinding Wheels. As in the preceding case the straight part of the shell only is finished and a "Hart" emery wheel is used for the yiurpose. The ]n'ess in the foreg Tound was built by the Goldlie-Mc Culloch Co., Gait, Ont., and is for the 18 pounder shells. Were saving "pen- nies ' ' in file-cost — and throwing away ' ' dollars ' ' in filing-time. CINCINNATI, OHIO Riveting Base of Explosive I Projectile A very essential operation in sliell Muinufacturing. The tool is fed in Removing Centre and Marking, by a hand wheel to a dead stop. The rear or finishing tool is held in a steel block working in a slide on a fixture on the saddle at the back. Ottawa, Ont.— The city council will proceed with the installation of an in- cinerator. We proved to him — by personal experienee in his own shops — on his own worlv — that the more files he used the more money he S. That the time saved and the extra work produced by using only EFFICI- ENT files, more than paid for the slight extra cost of additional files. Prevents gas from the explosive charge behiuil the shell from reaching the explosive oontents of ;he shell itself. The The centre projecting from the base front tool holder is provided with a has up to this stage been retained and hinged scraper rest for removing the used in the various machining opera- ■LAXDIS" GRINDEK FINLSHING . The tool is mounted above the work, but can be adjusted to pass down behind n XISHING .\Nn THREADING NOSE INSIDE block, before the chuck is tightened. B., have been awarded the contract for the construction of a sewerage sys- tem. Sherbrooke, Que., will supjily and erect a steel water tank for the lowii of Bedford, Que., at a cost of .,(17."). Ont., have been awarded a contract for pumping machinery by tlie Chatham Townslii|i ( 'oiincil. — The Light and Water Commissioners have passed a re- solutiou accepting the tender of the Donnelly Wrecking Co. Toronto, Ont.— The Toronto Hydro- Eleetric Commission has awarded a con- tract for the supply of 1,000 feet of conductor cable at 42 cents a foot to the Eugene Phillips Electric Co. Its rapidity aud accuracy will meet your every need, AS TO PRICE — you cannot get a better saw anywhere for the money : — No. ALUNDUM is solving the problems of others; why nor yours f The Canadian Fairbanks -Morse Company, Limited N. The copper band is slipped over the base into the recess, the shell being then placed on a plate in the centre of the press. Man Trs of "Barnes -made" Products Sprin9S, Scre« Mivchine Product^vtoia Rolled Steel and Wire This Shinn Metal Cutting Band Saw is specially adapted to requireaiei;ts of Canadian Shrapnel Shell Manufacturers Will cut all kinds of metals at any angle. Its application implies minimum wheel- wear — more rapid production — and greater oper- ating economy. For grinding the shell, the same type of centre is used for the nose end as for the machining operation. Both presses are operated from one pump and accumulator built by Wm. The method of operation is the same for both presses.

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