Domanatrix chat rooms dating sites to find european men

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Whereas if someone makes a million dollars, sending me 0 is nothing.I've had people send me a few thousand dollars for nothing.But I do know people who live entirely off of fin domming. I didn't really understand fin domming until I was stripping.

The difference between financial domination and other types of sessions is that most sessions are about fulfilling a fantasy for people and they tell you to do a thing, whereas with fin domming, it's more about a person paying you just because they know it makes you happy. They're not buying anything — they're just giving you the money because they want to give it to you and you want it.

Nine times out of 10, they'll tell you [that they have a money-spending fetish].

Once you've been doing this sort of thing for a while, you can kind of sense it on people.

The ones who do follow through tend to be pretty loyal.

They pick their domme for whatever reason — it's almost like they're in love.

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And it's not about tricking people or manipulating them — it's just that they want to give you the money.