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Frauen treffen in verden

It was part of what came to be known as Privatf├╝rstenrecht, the private law of princes; a body of law that was heterogeneous and hybrid: in-between private and public, based on individuals acts, group practice, and court rulings.

Another peculiarity of Germany was its basic feudal law, of Germanic origin, which prescribed equal division of lands among male siblings.

Early examples include the Royal Marriages Act in Britain (1772), the Pragmatic Sanction in Spain (Mar 23, 1776), the Regie Patenti in the kingdom of Sardinia (Sep 7, 1780 and Jul 16, 1782), the French imperial family statute (1806), the Russian Pauline laws (1820), etc.

The rules varied in their requirements and in their effects, making contravening marriages either null or else imperfect.

Part of this essay attempts to explain exactly the nature of this relationship.A person's Stand (state) was more than simply his or her station in life, or occupation.Rather, it indicated to which legally defined class of society he or she belonged: upper nobility, lower nobility, burgher, peasant.One direct approach was to introduce primogeniture, the rule that everything went to the eldest born; but few (aside from Brandenburg in the late 15th c.) were successful, at least early enough.Another approach was to limit the ability of younger sons to marry, or to curtail the claims of their offspring.

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