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He usually makes fun of the character's tendency to always put on his sunglasses and say corny one-liners at the start of every episode (followed by the first 2–3 seconds of the opening sequence).Joel also will sometimes spoof a person after a clip.employees, their family and friends, along with the typical production personnel.

Joel has also spoofed other actors, most notably CSI: Miami leading man David Caruso, who plays Lieutenant Horatio Caine.

The Soup is an American television series that aired weekly on E! The program was a revamped version of Talk Soup that focused on recaps of various popular culture and television moments of the week. On January 9, 2013, The Soup debuted a new graphics package, including a new logo designed by Newspeak Agency.

The show was hosted by comedian Joel Mc Hale, who provided sarcastic and satirical commentary on the various clips. Starting June 2, 2014, The Soup began airing live episodes.

Joel also jokes about how self-centered Tyra Banks is on her self-titled talk show.

More jokes are Joel making fun of Spencer Pratt's "creepy flesh colored beard" as well as the ages of Larry King and Regis Philbin and how they are still alive.

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" while hanging from a harness at the Miraval resort.