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Many artists believe that institutionalizing the art media could endanger its character of freedom and easy access. How the institutions has dealt with these “contradictions”?And what role they play to write the history of media art, as well as the formation of a market value for these artistic practices?The only way to know if the work had an expiration date is to interview the artist and others associated with the work.There might still be a good reason for preserving our work meant to be ephemeral, but there are benefits to interviewing the artist anyway, so why not do it?

Perhaps a better criterion for appropriateness is whether the art was intended to persevere or meant to be ephemeral.

So that leaves difficulty and appropriateness as obstacles to preservation.

Sure, it’s complicated to preserve a Shockwave animation, because we know the clock is ticking for the plug-in, browser, operating system, and computer it once depended on.

That’s why we built the Variable Media Questionnaire.

Karina de Freitas – Often, the museum was seen as an institutional entity not adapted to certain artistic practices of media art.

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It’s easy to find things we preserve that are a lot less relevant, either in historical or economic value.