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But the artist's choice of outfit raised more than a few eyebrows on social media, with one user saying she looked like a "futuristic Nazi". oh yeah less Nazi'." During her appearance, Lady Gaga also performed her dance hit "Born This Way" and "Angel Down".Another wrote: "Did no one say to Lady Gaga, ' Hey that's a great outfit but maybe something less.. She then joined Jon Bon Jovi on stage, helping him perform the hit "Livin' on a Prayer." However Donald Trump was in defiant form however as he addressed crowds last night. election live blog for all the latest news and results.And that’s what brings me here today -- the future that we can build together, here in the Asia Pacific region. But despite that distance, we know that our world is getting smaller.Now, this week, I’ve traveled more than 15,000 miles -- from America to China to Burma to Australia. One of Australia’s great writers spoke of this -- a son of Brisbane and a graduate of this university, David Malouf. And so I want to thank all of the young people especially for welcoming me here today. I know that we are joined by students from universities across this city, and some high school students, as well.And he said, “In that shrinking of distance that is characteristic of our contemporary world, even the Pacific, largest of oceans, has become a lake.” Even the Pacific has become a lake.

And we share that same spirit -- that confidence and optimism -- that the future is ours to make; that we don’t have to carry with us all the baggage from the past, that we can leave this world a better, safer, more just place for future generations.This city, this part of Australia, is just stunning -- “beautiful one day, and then perfect the next.” (Laughter.) That’s what I understand. My staff was very excited for “Bris Vegas.” (Laughter.) When I arrived they advised I needed some XXXX. (Laughter.) Part of the reason I have fond memories of Australia is I spent some time here as a boy when I was traveling between Hawaii and Indonesia, where I lived for several years.And when I returned three years ago as President, I had the same feelings that I remembered as a child -- the warmth of the people of Australia, the sense of humor.POP icon Lady Gaga has been slammed for her bizarre outfit while speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally, as social media users likened it to a Nazi uniform.The singer addressed supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate in North Carolina ahead of today's election, urging them to get out and vote while also calling for reconciliation between Clinton's and Donald Trump's supporters.

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