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Sometimes, we see people saying that stuff on Whatsapp conversations, that one can’t usually talk about in their daily life.

These conversations do not only include a proposal or abuse but it also includes vulgar chats done with your partner or a friend.

Map out (on paper if necessary) the areas that you want to discuss with your child making sure that you cover everything.

Using either method, you will have thought about what you will be discussing and given yourself an opportunity to prepare for the discussion.

The question, “Where do babies come from” is a typical one. For example, you want sit a six-year-old down and tell them the full facts, but you may say that when a man and a woman love each other very much, a special seed from the man can go to a special egg in the woman and then a baby can grow.

You can talk about the development of the baby in the womb and how they grow from a tiny egg to have arms, hands, fingers etc. Not providing some kind of answer for a child can result in them using their imagination to fill in the gaps, so it is better if you avoid that!

For older children, talking about sex is so much more than just the act of sex itself.

There are so many subjects around approaching puberty to be discussed including: For boys: The facts about sex and changes in both boys’ and girls’ bodies needs to discussed to ensure that your son or daughter know the facts and are confident that they can ask you questions when they want to.

The first question that parents often ask is ‘what age should my child be when I broach the subject of sex? Also, they may ask questions when they are younger – possibly at the age of five or six.

Ensure that you also inform your child about boys and what an erection is, why it occurs, the penis, testicles, sperm, semen, wet dreams and ejaculation.

Explain how pregnancy occurs and pregnancy and the wonderful development of a baby in the womb.

These chats came out randomly but ended being featured here and becoming a memory for all of us.

We are grateful to these people who have a knack for seeing the humor in almost everything.

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