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Who would have known that just a few months after my amazing first evening with The Enigma, a Dating Website would be sending me to Thorpe Park to review a Rollercoaster Date?!I figured the Theme Park Date idea would tie in well with the Fear Experiment.

I plastered on some make-up to hide the damage of three days of sleepless nights, and arrived at Thorpe Park with a grin on my face.Staring across at Madonna at Limbo with The Fake Pimpernel.Sitting in a taxi with The Enigma realising he had conjured my perfect date!Aside from horror movies (something I’ve never been a fan of), theme parks are one of the safest way to scare yourself!And what better time to head to a Theme Park than during Halloween Week, when Thorpe Park becomes the home of ‘Fright Nights’?!

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That first day, sitting at my desk at work and watching friend after friend catch on to my crazy challenge status on Facebook.