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Updating arxiv papers

Every day the ar Xiv posts a list of all the papers it received, in order of the submission time.If you submit at GMT, you will be at the top of this list and your paper might be more likely to catch readers’ eyes.But regardless of how you write the paper, if you plan to submit your work to a journal there are a few things you need to keep in mind from the beginning: To submit your paper to your journal of choice, visit their website and find the submission form.

This is all fairly straightforward, except that a latex manuscript that compiles and looks beautiful on your computer may not be accepted by the journal.

Beware that there is a maximum file size limit for ar Xiv submissions, so you may need to save certain figures at lower resolution or higher compression than you would publish in the journal.

As a side note, the ar Xiv has a rolling deadline for submissions at GMT (4pm EST) every weekday.

For Bib Te X, you will probably need to copy and paste the compiled reference list (the file.

The journal may also expect the figures to be named sequentially (f1.eps, f2.eps, etc.).

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Finally, the comments you’ve entered in your La Te X document might not be things you planned to share with the world, so you should probably delete them before submitting. If the version you compiled looks just fine, you may have the option to upload your compiled PDF to replace the version on the server, which is often necessary. You will get an email from a scientific editor at the journal informing you that an expert in your field (or maybe more than one) has been assigned as an anonymous reviewer for your paper.

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